Can you put a bigsby on a casino

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It's all about the neck angle and the height of a bridge. On a Casino, there's not enough of a break angle from the bridge to where the strings come off the B3. It'll work but it's not ideal for tuning or resonance. The B7 has a tension bar which provides more of a break angle on a Casino. See Paul McCartney's Bigsby'd Casino as an example.

I can't imagine a hollow body without a Bigsby. I know it's just playing style, but there is nothing I can't do with a Bigsby model, that I can do with a hard-tail. When you play as bad as I do, you need to add color - as often as possible sometimes! Put B7 Bigsby on My Les Paul Today | Gretsch-Talk Forum I put a Bigsby B7 on my Les Paul this afternoon, gotta say it was pretty easy and was fast. Only thing I did different than the directions was instead of using the string that was to line it up with the neck I just used the High and Low E strings instead made it simple. Installing a Bigsby on a hollowbody | Harmony Central

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putting a bigsby on an epiphone casino help ? | Yahoo Answers I feel like putting a bigsby on my epiphone casino, but I cant decide either a b3, b6, b7, or b700. Can you please answer the questions below for each bigsby tremolo arm so I can make up my mind on which one i would want to buy.

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Bigsby For Casino? - Gibson Brands Forums Gibson Brands Forums: Bigsby For Casino? - Gibson Brands Forums ... I put a B60 on my Riviera because I didn't want to drill into the top. So the only mod with it is 2 additional holes next to the Frequensator mounting holes. And they would be covered with the Frequensator put back on. Parabar is correct that the B6/B60 are designed for the ... Putting a Bigsby on an Epiphone Casino? | Harmony Central I have just bought a cherry Casino and ordered a Bigsby b70 and bridge to be added on. They look sweet and I have done a lot of research, there may be other bigsby models people prefer but the principal is the same, it can and will be done!! The internal structure of the Casino has not changed since the Beatles had the Bigsbys on theres!!! How to: Installing a Bigsby B70 Vibrato Tailpiece - YouTube

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May 18, 2014 ... We're installing a Bigsby B70 Vibrato on an ES339 Semi-hollowbody ... hey, can I install/do this procedure to Gibson Les paul Standard HP?